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Olympus WS-831

99.99 inc.Vat & Delivery

User-friendly design meets smart functionality.

The basic model of the WS Series boasts a range of useful functions and is perfect for daily business.

A stereo quality to every recording.

The low-noise directional stereo microphone with 90° layout creates a superb stereo quality which allows you to feel the full ambiance of a meeting – including the direction or location of the speakers in meetings and conferences.

Smart technology for faster results.

While the Voice Playback function allows you to skip the parts without voices and play back only the voice portions of your recording, the Transcription Mode allows for easy operation of the playback functionality. Together, the two improved technologies make for increased usability – and an even smarter device.

Voice Playback is available in WS-833 and WS-832

The simplest way to save data.

Save data easily and conveniently with the built-in USB connector. As well as using the memory for recordings, you can also use it like a USB-Stick to exchange presentation data. For the WS-833 and WS-832, the USB connector has an additional internal battery charge function for further peace of mind.

On the go, wherever you go.

Compact, lightweight and perfectly portable, the WS Series is an indispensable device for both business and daily life. From meetings to language study, the WS Series is small enough to go where you go – and smart enough to deliver whatever you need.


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