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Olympus WS-852

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The new sleek design of the WS-852 allows you to capture conversations naturally, even while having the recorder in your pocket. This innovative recorder features new technologies optimal for business use, to achieve high-quality recording.


Two directional microphones positioned at a 90 degree layout, enables high quality recording with an authentic stereo experience. By differentiating the position and the distance of the speakers in meetings and conferences the recording is highly precise, allowing the listener to feel as if they are actually in the recording scene.


By cutting out the low and high frequency ranges of a voice recording, Voice Filter clarifies and enhances the sound of the words being spoken. This makes it easier to understand the speaker during playback.


With previous models, it was necessary to adjust the microphone sensitivity according to the recording environment, such as the number of people or the size of the meeting space. The new Intelligent Auto Mode function makes it easier for users by automatically adjusting the microphone sensitivity according to the volume of the speaker. To set this function, select Auto for the recording level from the menu.


Selecting from the menu, you can choose optimum recording settings according to specific scenes. The Pocket mode is effective for recording a wide range of voices from your pocket and with the Dictation Conference or Meeting modes, anyone can easily make flawless, high-quality recordings, even in an environment requiring a quick response.


A USB built into the body lets you connect directly to a PC or data transfer simply by removing the cover. Not only can you easily exchange data between a PC without the need for cables or software, you can also recharge the unit from the PC without removing the battery.


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