David Barton

Working and studying is a difficult balance at the best of times. As part of my Masters I had 5 hours of audio to transcribe which would have taken me close to 30 hours to complete, which in practical terms would have taken 3 weeks to squeeze into work and home life. From an efficiency and motivational point of view I didn’t want to waste time doing this. Initially I looked at a number of voice recognition software providers and quickly concluded that these would not be able to transcribe  2-person interviews and would require a lot of editing to correct.

So, I contacted a number of transcription services, however most were one man bands that had 1-2 week lead times and required a further 1-2 weeks to complete the work. VOS on the other hand were able to offer a 4-day turnaround as they had a network of transcribers to spread the workload. They were also able to drip feed me each transcription when completed which enabled me to kick on with interpreting the data (the part that gets you marks). The rate was very competitive and the process very professional from the signing of confidentiality agreements right through to invoice processing. I cannot recommend Bernie and her team at VOS highly enough.

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