Website Spring Cleaning – What to Throw Out?

We’ve just had a fancy new Website launched and we’re absolutely delighted with it. We hope you like it too?
It’s an interesting process. You’ll see when I started to write this blog piece that it actually was Spring, and now I can’t believe it’s July already and we’re officially into summer time. There’s just so much work involved in putting together a new website. It’s probably something we really procrastinate over and put off until it absolutely has to be done. However, when you do finally start knuckling down to it, that moment when you start looking at your website content and what you should or shouldn’t have in there – I always find it’s a perfect time to hone in on your strengths and perhaps lose some of the weaker areas.

I started initially with the simple task of picking out some slider images…Oh-My-God…. it took many, many hours and days – I found my mind had wandered off topic way too frequently and in quite a dramatic stream of consciousness that took me from typewriting keyboards and mouses to yoga positions and cute dogs! I kid you not.
Having finally, finally decided on what images, icons etc. to use….focus was turned to content and layout design and formatting. Well, I have to say what a hugely worthwhile exercise, there’s nothing like a good old spring clean! I’m in business 20 years next year, and realised that a lot of the stuff that had been up on my site for years (let’s face it, we all put up content that just seems to stay there forever and never gets taken down or updated) just wasn’t relevant anymore to my actual business, at this actual moment in time. So, out it all went, service offerings that were never taken up, product offerings that just never made any money, etc. etc. and the end result is, I hope, a fine tuned bespoke tailor made offering of the actual services and products that I want to sell, and I KNOW we are excellent at.
So now I hope when people turn to view my new website they will be intrigued, have their interest piqued and want to work with what is obviously a company with great strengths and expertise in the area they are working in and the sectors they specialise in?

If you’re interested, Virtual Office Solutions offers excellent, competitive transcription (typing) and document formatting services to the building, financial, legal, insurance and academic sectors.
Ask yourself when is the last time you thoroughly reviewed your website and all its pages and contents….maybe it’s time for a spring clean too!

Anyone have any thoughts? What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to updating your website?

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