Construction Transcription Services

At Virtual Office Solutions our team of typists have years of experience transcribing every nature and kind of building report. Working daily with specialists across the industry sectors, we are fully au fait with building jargon, report layouts and templates, and have advanced MS Word skills.

Listed below are just some of the document types we transcribe for our clients:

  • Building Inspection Reports
  • Forensic Engineering Reports
  • Health & Safety Reports, Surveys, Risk Assessment Sheets, etc.
  • Home Buyer Survey Reports
  • Letter Reports
  • Property Management Letters and Reports
  • Schedules of Dilapidation
  • Site Notes
  • Snag Lists
  • Surveyors Reports
  • Terminal Schedules of Dilapidation and Responses to Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations
  • Valuations (Desktop/Driveby/Commercial)

We give all reports a professional finish, complete with tables of contents, completed header and footer areas, page numbering, and professionally put together tables.

We work with each clients own in-house suite of letter heads, templates and logos.

On request, we can help you to upgrade your in-house report templates to make them both look better aesthetically, but also be more user-friendly to both typist and your target reader.

Confidentiality is 100% assured, and signed Confidentiality Agreements are provided to all clients.

Contact us today if you would like one of our team to give you a call back in relation to our construction transcription services or contact us directly on Tel: 041-9883333 or by email to at any time.