The Necessity of a Work/Life Balance

document formattingIn the current digital age, it has become incredibly difficult for many to separate their life from their work. Whether it be checking emails while watching TV, taking work calls during the weekend, or simply going through work related social media. We are members of an ever increasingly connected population.

While the creation of social media, smart phones and other technology has provided us with the opportunity to become more connected, it has also made it more difficult to shut off. With a constant flow of emails and work related messages, people find themselves in a situation where getting away from work can seem impossible. But creating (and maintaining) a work/life balance is something everyone should strive towards to live a healthier life. So how can one create and maintain a positive work life balance?

First off, it helps if the company is aware of this necessity. Companies can push staff and place them under too much pressure, making them feel as if they cannot stop. By creating a friendlier work environment and stressing the need for time without work, it can make employees feel as if they are supported in taking time off for themselves. Companies such as Google and Facebook have become aware of this, and while their staff are consistently put to the test, there is comfortable seating, free food from the canteen and even a gymnasium on site to help their staff relax.

But the problem, and solution, does not lie solely with the company. You must take effective action and allocate your time! With never-ending workloads, it can feel as though it is impossible to make time for yourself.  By allocating a certain amount of time each week in which you shut off from work, you allow yourself to let go and clear your head from all the stress associated with daily working life.  This can be meeting a friend or family member for coffee, or going to the gym.  You can make the day go quicker and feel more energised, while not feeling too bogged down!

This builds onto my next recommendation, exercise! Exercise is a great way for someone to relieve stress and get fit at the same time,  Regular exercise has been known to boost energy levels, helping you get through those long working days.

In terms of the amount of time needed to have a better work/life balance, it depends on you! Some people feel better from a 10-minute coffee break, others benefit from a long walk or jog.  It all depends on how you relieve stress and gain more of a work/life balance.

It is easy to tell you how to have more of a work life balance; the difficult part is taking effective action.  Start by planning your days today, and see if it helps!

Is having a good work life balance important to you? How do you create and maintain a balance that suits you? Comment below and let us know any tips you may have!

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