Student & Academic Transcription Services

Student and Academic Research Projects and Interviews:

Many third and fourth level students are required to undertake research work in the form of interviews.

Equally, we work closely with many University and College Lecturers and Department Heads who are undertaking trenches of funded/grant aided research interviews as part of larger local, nationwide and often European research bodies. 

These then have to be transcribed verbatim, and often coded to the university’s strict guidelines.

At Virtual Office Solutions we have transcribed thousands of hours of audio of one-to-one and focus group interviews for research students and university departments.

Our interview layout has professional formatting and is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read and code, clearly identifying each speaker throughout the document (for one-to-one or small group interviews).

Contact us today if you would like one of our team to give you a call back in relation to academic research transcription services, or contact us directly on Tel: 041-9883333 or by email to at any time.