Terms & Conditions

Delivery of Materials:

The client may deliver their transcription data (in electronic or hard copy format) through various means including posting, hand-delivery, uploading through an external file-sharing website or directly to vos.ie. Please note that while all files uploaded directly to the vos.ie website are SSL encrypted for security purposes, vos.ie will not be held responsible for any files uploaded through external file-sharing web services, as their security cannot be guaranteed. The client assumes full responsibility for any data uploaded.

Storage of Data:

All data (in electronic or hard copy format) received from the client is considered confidential, subject to ownership rights, and may contain highly sensitive/legal content. Therefore, it will be stored with utmost care during the transcription process and will only be accessed by the admin personnel and their line manager. The data will only be retained until the transcription has been completed, approved and paid for by the client. Upon completion, all original hard copy recordings will be returned to the client and any associated digital audio files, along with corresponding work-files, will be deleted.


VOS takes client confidentiality seriously and makes every effort to protect their material from unauthorised access. The VOS upload facility is SSL Certificate enabled for increased security. All members of the VOS team sign legally binding confidentiality agreements, and copies of these agreements are kept on file. If the client’s material contains confidential information, they are responsible for informing VOS and providing any necessary project-specific confidentiality agreements for signature.

Accuracy of Transcripts:

VOS strives to provide accurate and complete transcripts, and takes pride in doing so. However, they cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies that may arise. Any words or phrases that are inaudible will be marked with a timestamp, and the client will be given the opportunity to provide clarification rather than guessing what was said. As a standard practice, disfluencies and repetitive nuances are not included in the transcript as they can disrupt the readability of the final document. However, they can be included for an additional per-minute charge.


VOS guarantees to deliver the transcribed material within the agreed-upon timeframe. However, they cannot be held liable for any delays or non-delivery of materials due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.


VOS reserves the right to refuse to produce any material that they deem illegal or libellous. If the client presents material that contains illegal or libellous matter, they will be responsible for any losses, damages, costs (including reasonable legal fees), expenses, or other claims suffered by VOS. VOS will not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, expenses, or other claims for compensation arising from the client’s illegal or libellous use of the transcribed or typed material.


Except in cases of death or personal injury caused by negligence, VOS is not liable to the client for any loss of profit, economic loss, or any indirect, special, or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses, or other claims arising from the provision of their services or the client’s use of the transcribed material. VOS will not be held responsible for any representation (unless fraudulent), implied warranty, condition, or other term or duty at common law.