The Necessity of a Winning Mind-Set

Last week I discussed the topic why failure isn’t always a bad thing. Building on from that, this week’s blog will focus on the necessity of having a winning mind-set, and how to have one.

First, you must ask yourself, what does winning mean to you? Is it only when you finish first? Do other people need to lose? It is critical for you to understand what you personally define winning as, to figure out how you can change from needing to win, to having a winner’s mind-set.

It’s safe to say winning is something everyone enjoys, and when we do win, it provides us with a feeling of satisfaction that is rarely matched. But why should we only achieve this satisfaction when we win? Having a winning mind-set can allow you to see the success in different aspects of life that you would not have noticed before. By only feeling satisfaction when you win, it’s difficult, as with life’s ups and downs, searching for big wins can be exhausting and can cause some people to become consumed with the fear of losing. Many of us will experience more failure than success. Maintaining a winning mid-set can provide you with the confidence and perseverance to get the job done and grow as an individual.

Also, a crucial part of having a winning mind-set, is failure. Much like I discussed in last week’s blog, for many to succeed, they must first fail. Failure provides experience, and through experience, success is born.

So, what does a winning mind-set involve? Bruce Kasanoff published an article for Forbes on the “Three Essential Elements of a Winning Mind-set”. The article states how through combining Growth, Grit and Giving creates the winning mid-set for an individual.

Growth means continually looking for new ways to grow as an individual, whether it be obtaining a new skill or move to a new position to further your career. While it is important for ourselves in general to continuously try to grow, it is also beneficial to those around us. Visionaries such as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison all changed the world through their own personal Winning Mind-set. They maintained the growth, grit and giving qualities to change the world.

Grit refers to the ability to persevere and not take no for an answer. Being able to take the failures, learn and move forward! Growth and Grit do provide an individual with the ability to be successful, but to have a winning mind-set you must also give. Having a winning mind-set involves seeing the bigger picture, understanding what you can do to change the world – much like those visionaries I mentioned above!

Finally, Giving. Some of the most successful professionals in the world have this giving mind-set. They primarily focus on the needs of others. By feeling satisfaction from the success or victory of others, you will find a winning mind-set is easier to obtain than you think! By capturing these three elements, winning mind-sets are born!

Do you have a winning mind-set? What tips do you have for others on how to have a winning mind-set? Let us know below!

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